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The Power Behind the Mothership: Meet a few of the ladies who help SRS fly.

Updated: May 9, 2021

Happy Mother's Day to all who celebrate today. We hope you realize how much SRS appreciates your support and enthusiasm for our products. When we started, we really weren't sure if starting a company during a pandemic was a good idea. And yet, now, more than ever, people want ethically made, beautiful things that celebrate textile traditions and the loving hands of the artisans who craft them. Thank you for shopping with us, spreading the word about our company, and sharing your thoughts and advice as we fly.

We thought it would be cool to share a few reflections on some of the women connected with Silk Road Spaceship today. We couldn't fly without them and are grateful for all that they do.

PHOTO: Jaswant Kaur, a Silk Road Spaceship seamstress, working on a flannel and velvet duvet set for Elizabeth of Kentucky. Elizabeth is an awesome mom to three terrific boys, and we are thrilled to be sending her new duvet set on Monday.

“My mom has always been a role model for me growing up and even now. She has always shown me what it means to be a hardworking individual. Seeing her make the best of our situations (especially during these tough times) has been such an inspiration to me. I would love to wish my mom and all the other mothers a part of the Silk Road Spaceship Team a wonderful Mother's Day!"

— Harlene Kaur, daughter of Jaswant Kaur, a leading SRS seamstress

PHOTO: Stanzin Dawa, Silk Road Spaceship's sourcing partner in Ladakh, as a little girl, sitting next to her mom and students waiting to start school. Stanzin will return to Ladakh next week to begin collecting new work from women artisans in the area. Nikki of California, an awesome mom and meditation teacher, just bought our last Ladakhi indigo pashmina shawl in stock. We hope you enjoy your new shawl, Nikki!

"On this Mother’s Day, I want to thank my mom for being the most wonderful teacher, mother, and a constant support. I am especially grateful to her for always sharing her childhood stories and experiences of growing up in rural Ladakh. These stories have shaped me into the person I am today. They have taught me to appreciate the traditions, the values, and most importantly my grandparents. Happy Mother’s Day amalay and all the women of team Silk Road Spaceship."

— Stanzin Dawa, SRS's Ladakh Sourcing partner

PHOTO: Laura Kozaitis, Silk Road Spaceship designer, in her dyeing studio, coloring silk for the SRS Spring Silk Mask Collection. Heidi, a fabulous realtor and mom in New York just bought several Spring silk masks for her clients after they kept asking her where she she gets her pretty masks. Thank you, Heidi!

"My mom is a creative person and encourages me to express myself artistically. When I was younger, she would draw with me, and we'd make our own cards. I'm glad she's doing her textile work again for Silk Road. It inspires me to be creative too and to never be afraid to do difficult things."

— George Kozaitis, son of Laura Kozaitis, SRS designer

PHOTO: George's card. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY you guys! We are especially thinking of Allyson, an SRS founder today, who is with her daughters and mom preparing for Vermont, where she will deliver her dad's eulogy. We love you, Allyson.

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