'Star of the Lake' Silk Mask
  • 'Star of the Lake' Silk Mask


    There's a lovely indigenous Amazon myth about a beautiful girl who dreamed of becoming a star. She'd heard that the moon would kiss young women in the evening send them to the sky. Every evening, our heroine would sit at the lake's edge and wait for the moon goddess. The moon, charmed by her devotion, changed the girl into something different— the 'star of the lake' or giant water lily (Victoria amazonica plant).


    We don't have to wait for the moon. The pandemic's made everyone slow down. Embrace the moment and experience your inner star. Float along the surface of it all in our homage to the water lily. The Star of the Lake is awash with a Pre-Raphaelite palette of bronze, olive, gold, and plum that opens across a crepe de chine silk canvas. Pair it with your vintage camel hair coat or your denim jacket from high school. Cock one eyebrow at a rakish angle and let passersby wonder whose the star behind that exquisite mask. 


      Each silk mask is one of a kind. Our fabric is hand dyed by artist Laura Kozaitis who fuses traditional and modern dying techniques to achieve her signature designs. Your mask was sewn in Queens, NY by a small group of women; many of whom are mothers that have been hard hit by the recent pandemic. Collaborating with Silk Road Spaceship provided them the opportunity for independent enterprise through fair wages, as well as the safety and flexibility to work from home.


      Silk Road Spaceship masks ship USPS First Class for $5. 

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      Silk Road Spaceship masks are final sale and nonreturnable for health and safety concerns. For help with customizing the fit of your mask, please click here.



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