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Out of an ugly time (COVID, shuttered stores, job lay-offs, the need for masks), we were driven to create, beautiful useful things to help folks navigate this new world and feel better.


Our familiarity with silk, passion for art, experience with dyeing practices, and connection to Silk Road communities led to a natural conclusion: starting a business. We set to designing and sourcing unique, handcrafted items that lift our spirits and the communities we love.


The Silk Road Spaceship Mask Capsule is the first in what we hope to be the first of many such products. These unique masks are hand-dyed in small batches from silk collected along the Silk Road. After we are happy with the colorways, we take it to one of our sewing folks, all of whom are work-at-home women based in Queens, New York. Each of them lost their primary means of employment in the COVID-19 crisis. As we continue to develop new products, our mission will be to elevate everyone as we journey, from customer to maker, and the communities from which we hail. Silk Road Spaceship feels fortunate to offer them fair wages, flexibility, and the safety to work from home.

Check back with us often. New products and collaborations are forthcoming, including handcrafted gifts by talented Himalayan designers, as well as unique items that help raise funds for not-for-profits doing meaningful work. 

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