Rinpoche's Blessing Wristlet
Rinpoche's Blessing Wristlet

Rinpoche's latest 'Good Karma' Collaboration with Silk Road Spaceship

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Rinpoche's Blessing Bracelets are an exclusive offering and part of the SRS Karma Collection—meaningful gifts that benefit communities in need. We created each piece in collaboration with the Venerable Khensur Rinpoche Lobzang Tsetan, a retired Tibetan Buddhist abbot , to help support his school for children in Ladakh, India. The school is recognized by international organizations for providing outstanding education to the region's most vulnerable children. These silk and brass bead bracelets are handcrafted by the SRS all-women team and blessed by Rinpoche in appreciation for your thoughtful purchase and care in helping the school retain the best teachers through these challenging times. Join us in generating essential funding to keep his school strong in its commitment to teaching Ladakh's most vulnerable children.


When you buy Rinpoche's Blessing Bracelet for $108 all the money from your purchase goes to Siddhartha School. Plus, we will give you free shipping on your entire order with us, so you can knock out some holiday shopping save. There are just 21 of these bracelets made and blessed by Rinpoche, so we suggest you get yours before they sell out. THANK YOU!



Thank You All for making this campaign a success. Together with your support we generated $2,500 for the Siddhartha School. The school will use this money to hire and retain quality teachers for the children.


Due to popular demand, we will create a new edition of this exclusive offering soon. 

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In Himalayan Buddhist cultures, monks will distribute 'blessing cords' to their followers. These cords are typically red but can be other colors as well. The monk or monks in his monastery bless the strings in a ceremony with prayers and offerings. Siddhartha School's founder, Khensur Rinpoche Lobzang Tsetan, performed an ancient blessing ceremony for these beautiful, multicolored silk and brass bracelets.


Each bracelet has one traditional, red blessing cord and six hand-dyed silk strands. Each silk strand represents one of the six perfections—(1) generosity (dāna), (2) morality (śīla), (3) patience (kṣānti), (4) vigor (vīrya), (5) concentration (dhyāna), and (6) wisdom (prajñā). One rustic brass bead and a bronze closure finish the design, representing the wisdom and compassion that we as human beings can manifest to generate a more peaceful and liberating existence for ourselves and the planet. 

Bracelets are not your thing? You can still help Rinpoche with his campaign for Siddhartha School. You can make a gift of any amount to our collaboration campaign by clicking the button below. All donations are tax-deductible and go directly to the Siddhartha School's #GivingTuesday Campaign.