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Double Masking the SRS Way.

How are you guys holding up? With all this talk of new variants, you may have read that the US Center for Disease Control now encourages folks to "double mask." The thinking is that with a tighter seal around your face, one is better protected. If, like me, you've seen people out at the store with loosely fitting masks—sides bagging, or, even falling off their nose—you can understand why Dr. Fauci and others have cause for concern. A loose or poorly fitted mask will not be as safe, and it certainly won't be easy to live in.

Most people share that their biggest complaint with mask-wearing is that it is not comfortable. Fortunately, they find that Silk Road Spaceship Silk Masks are lightweight and easily customized for a secure fit. We've found our masks to fit nicely over KN95s (medical-grade masks), ideal for high-risk situations (like air travel). We've also discovered a simple way one can quickly and comfortably double up with two SRS masks for even more comfort and FOUR layers of protection. Check out this video by George, below, on how to do it:

Thanks for your continued enthusiasm for our products. We love you guys.

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